The EQRT 203 is a generic restraint kit manufactured to withstand the most drastic seismic forces.

Each Kit Includes:

  • x4 EQRT 203 Brackets
  • x4 Confinement Lip
  • x4 Loose Nuts and Rod
  • x2 Double J- Hook Ratchet Tie-Down
  • Engineered to resist a most probable earthquake that can occur anywhere in North America.
  • Designed based on the latest standard and building codes in Canada and the USA.
  • To secure free standing and other equipment during earthquake.
  • Designed for hospital, health center and medical lab environments.
  • Installable for a wide range of free standing equipment with different sizes, weights and shapes.
  • Able to reduce equipment loss in an earthquake. To avoid biohazards in medical labs post-earthquake.
  • Easily removable and reusable.
  • Designed to reduce the traditional installation times.
  • Able to make cost estimation easier for a large volume components compared to a custom made restraint approach.
Minimum order of 25  Kits


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